Birds of North Carolina -Green Proyect with kids


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Stink, Bite, Hide, Fight!
How Animals Defend Themselves
Animals of all kinds defend themselves against predators using an array of adaptations such as quills, camouflage, and other physical attributes as well as behaviors such as hiding and playing dead. Predators, in turn, have strategies for foiling their prey’s defenses. This ongoing drama plays out in habitats worldwide.

On The Go! Animals That Migrate
Across North America, the progression of seasons is marked by the travels of migratory animals. These amazing journeys are taken by an equally amazing variety of species, ranging from tiny hummingbirds to mighty gray whales.

Why Animals Build
All kinds of animals are amazing builders. They construct nests, shelters, and traps of all sorts, shapes, and sizes from wood, mud, spit, silk, and other materials. No matter the creature, the materials, or the structure, all animals build for the same reason-to better survive.