The greates Eastern Areas of Grasslands

The greatest Eastern areas of grasslands
occur in the prairie regions of the Midwest and west. In the East, there are two types of grasslands; the agricultural grasslands, and old fields or relic grasslands. Agricultural Grasslands: These grasslands are areas where grass is mowed and used for grazing. When the grassland is cut for hay, it is called a Meadow and if the area is used for grazing, it is called a Pasture. Meadows remain green, if cut, through summer and fall and consists of grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Timothy, Orchard Grass, and Foxtail Barley while pastures are a rich green color, short and contain a number of weeds. Flowers are also visible in late spring through fall in meadows. There are grassland birds everywhere in North America, but in the East, the fields attract Eastern Meadowlarks, Ring-necked Pheasants, Vesper Sparrows, Bobolinks, Red-winged Blackbirds, Grasshopper Sparrows and other sparrows. Short-eared Owls and Northern Harriers can be found hunting for food over agricultural land and they are both ground nesters in the grasslands.When mowing for hay it is a hazard to the grassland species. These areas are mowed in early summer at the peak of the breeding season which can destroy the nests, chicks and adults. Biologists have noted that this is the prime reason for the decline of Ring-necked Pheasants and grass-nesting songbirds.